About to buy the V Shred Workout? DON’T! Here’s what you need to know:

What I’m about to tell you about the V Shred program might shock you, but it’ll help you save a lot of money.

Hi, my name is Kaylee – and I’m a single mom of two energetic kids. I’m also a career woman, though I’ve been working from home for the past half year.

This has actually been a disaster, because my time at home is constantly occupied by either my kids, whom I love, or my job, which pays me which I love lol.

But jokes aside, it’s extremely hard for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I constantly yo-yo around on my weight, try all sorts of fad diets and workouts, and usually end up in a worse spot than I started.

To make matters worse, I no longer have the support of my husband, whom I left want to realize how abusive he really was.

I want to get into the sob story, basically you understand where I was: busy, overweight, and depressed. I needed to find a way to regain control of my life, and I figured fitness might be the first step.

I started looking at various workouts on YouTube, and that’s how I first saw advertisements for the V Shred program. I saw a lot of interesting articles about Vince Sant and the quiz that helps you pick of workout tailor-made for you, whether you’re a guy or girl.

I thought this is going to be a godsend. Something personalized just for me seemed like it was exactly what I needed. I got excited imagining how good I was gonna look when the summer rolled around and I could show off my bikini body.

Instead, I was shocked to find the workout from hell.

For one, I really couldnt believe how much he was charging for program. I mean, who did this guy think he was?! That had to be a more affordable way to get shredded with home workouts.

I’m going to share my journey below, but if you’re reading this and want the “quick” version of my review… I ended up going with the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia just because with more affordable and had many of the same features as V Shred.

I want to stress that is my daily commitment to help me find me get good results. That said, I saved a ton of money and still got to finally get a banging bod 😊.

You Need To Know The Real Cost of V Shred

Here is the total cost of V Shred if you get a full program for guys or for girls (it costs the same for both men and women SOMETIMES… which is about the only good thing I can say about it).

  • 30 Day MOVE At Home Program =  $47.00
  • V Shred Custom Diet and Training Plan For Her = $149.00
  • Fat Loss Extreme For Her = $47.00
  • Toned in 90 Days = $57.00
  • V Shred Recipe Guide = $14.95
  • Vinsanity Shred Booty Builder = $34.95
  • Plus anything you have to buy to actually follow the guides = EVEN MORE $$$$

NOTE: When I went on the website, all of these products were on a discount. That means you would paying WAY MORE if you go there AFTER the deals expired.

That’s so crazy and FRUSTRATING to me. These prices are nuts. And I know that there’s a V Shred Quiz you take that redirects you to different products, but I don’t even know how you can trust it. How do you know it won’t just refer you to the most expensive products?

It’s confusing because for some plans, like trying to get toned, other products come with it for free, but then if you want one that isn’t included (like V Shred MOVE isn’t for example) you have to spend another 50 bucks.

And apparently if you wanted something SPECIFIC to you, like the customized plan, you better shell out $150! Why can’t everything come in a nice clean bundle? Why aren’t more discounts offered if I want to upgrade? WHY IS IT ALL SO EXPENSIVE?

As a test I tried to see what would happen when I put in random information, as a 3 foot GUY they wanted me to spend $87.00 to clean bulk… hm… I think I’ll pass on that one Vince.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s quality information in these workouts and diet plans. But they are WAYYY WAYYYY too expensive for me to justify spending all my money on them to myself (or my wallet!)

The final straw for me was when I saw there a BlenderBottle on sale on the website, something you can get for a couple of bucks anywhere, going for $14.99 with a big tacky VSHRED logo on it. Basically, they want you to pay more to advertise for THEM. Huh????

No thank you!

KEEP READING To top it all off, from what I was reading from reviews you need gym equipment to really follow along with Vince Sant’s workouts. Equipment like benches, yoga mats (optional but way more comfortable), dumbbells, and a few people even mentioned barbells!

It seems like only some of the workouts can be done from home without gym equipment, but good luck figuring out which ones are which before you send them your money.

Speaking of your money, here’s the V Shred refund policy

That’s right, their most expensive program (costing nearly $150) isn’t even refundable if you don’t like it.

Is V Shred Worth The Money? Does it Work?

You can call me cheap but in my opinion (remember this is my personal V Shred Review) I just can’t see how it could possibly be worth it. Especially when there are plenty of other home workouts out there for women. My real question is why are there so many different products on sale on their site?

Like think about. Remember Shaun T Insanity? P90x? Did they have a different program for women, men, teens, kids, short people, tall people, red people, blue people? NO.

I get the sneaking suspicion that there’s similar information in all the guides…

I just don’t like all the extra COSTS and PRODUCTS involved. This is the main reason I decided that I would not buy Vince Sant’s guides. It doesn’t seem worth it to me, and I’ve seen too many mixed or negative V Shred reviews out there that tell me not to risk it…

The Powerful V Shred Alternative That Worked For Me (To This Day!)

If you’re still feeling Vince Sant’s guides then go ahead and take the quiz to buy them. I personally am not the kind of person that’s going to spend that much money on something that isn’t outstanding.

If you don’t want to break the bank for a workout, here’s an alternative that I think is a better deal and has greater value.

Again, all I did was hop back on YouTube (this time ignoring Vince’s workout ads) and look for something GOOD to try and get my ideal bikini body. What I came across was Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts which looks similar to Vince Sant V Shred except it’s way cheaper and more bang for your buck.

Let’s look at Vince Sants V Shred Workouts and Diet Plans and compare them to the Jen Ferruggia guides –

TypeBikini Body WorkoutsV Shred Toned in 90 Days
12 Week Workout$29.99 USD$57.00 USD
Nutritional GuideFREEFREE
Supplement GuideFREEFREE
Interactive Workout VideosFREEFREE

It’s clear to see Jen Ferrugia’s workout was a much more affordable way to get toned. What I like the most about her workouts is that you don’t have to worry about maybe needing gym equipment. Both are similar but there’s a huge difference in pricing and business model.

For instance you don’t have to take a quiz to get started with Jen Ferruggia’s guide. If you haven’t done so, check out the Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workouts right here. Let’s go into who it’s for and what’s included….

7 Things Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout Comes With (That Will Convince You Right Now It’s Superior to V Shred)

  1. An Interactive eBook and exercise videos (A must have in this day and age in my opinion)
  2. Bikini Body Nutrition Guide
  3. Bikini Body MONTHLY workouts
  4. 21 Day Booty Blast (For getting that peach 🍑)
  5. Her Bikini Body Supplement List for the BEST Supplements to help weight loss (helps save money avoiding garbage)
  6. Bikini Body Guide Shopping List to form your meals & follow the meal plan
  7. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

To be honest I was afraid I might have issues find quality videos, but luckily Jen Ferruggia had me covered 😊. It’s nice because I really wanted to make sure I could follow instructions and avoiding injury.

One thing I learned the hard way – exercising wrong is the worst thing you could do. If you mess up, you’ll slow down your own results or cause injury.

I don’t want to seem like I’ve been overly negative cause I didn’t like Vince Sants V Shred in my review, but to me it looks like Jen is giving you the value of a $150 product from V Shred for a quarter of the price.

My Results After 95 Days of Following Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workouts

I was gonna try to do a clean 90 days, but we went on vacation towards the end (I TOLD YOU I wanted a bikini body, you think I wasn’t going to show it off?)

My transformation isn’t the only one though, there are plenty on Jen’s website here<<<.

I’m never going to say it was an easy process though. I think that first week was the toughest for me mentally, just trying to adjust and work out my schedule.

BUT after 2 weeks I felt like I was addicted to the fitness lifestyle. I even daydreamed about maybe starting a fitness YouTube and Instagram in-between workouts LOL…  😊

I also really like her food selections. It doesn’t feel like days when I was experimenting with various FAD diets… I’m eating meals that I ACTUALLY like. What’s better – I don’t crave the unhealthy choices anymore. I never tried Vince Sants diet plan but he’s so ripped I find it hard to believe he doesn’t get cravings.

The best part is all the benefits that you don’t even hear about – Besides seeing my body transform every day, my mental heath is through the rough. I’m happier. I don’t get tired or cranky nearly as much, and I even wake up with energy.

My friends and family have all been noticing the changes in me! They keep saying it’s new body new me and I’ve even gotten 2 of my girlfriends to start doing the Bikini Body Workouts.

That’s actually a recent development, they’ve only been doing it with me since I got back from vacation, but they’re already thanking me constantly and saying they think “this is the one.” I’m like “it’s a workout we’re not getting married” HAHAHHA!

But I get it, it’s just so nice to finally have a workout and diet plan you really feel like you can stick with.

Especially when you got it at a reasonable price 😊

Jen if you ever read this, I want to thank you for changing my life.

I know this Vince Sant V Shred review might not be exactly what people are expecting, but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative or aren’t satisfied with Vince Sants diet plan or workout guides then definitely try out Jen Ferruggia and her bikini body workouts –  it worked for me, and it can certainly work for you!

If you have ANY QUESTIONS please: Leave a comment below! I’ll do my best to answer them all 🙂

13 thoughts on “My Vince Sant V Shred Review”

  1. Hi Kaylee, very inspiring stuff! Thanks for the write up.

    After seeing your results I had to get myself a copy as well and it’s great so far, really loving it! Heads up though and I’m hoping you won’t hate me or ban me or something for sharing this but I found a coupon for the bikini body workouts here https://www.workingdiscountcodes.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/ and saved 15% off the program!

    • Hi Shelly,

      Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ll add it to the main post so that anyone considering Jen’s workouts can use this. Very much appreciated!

      Kaylee xx

  2. Congratulations Kaylee on your transformation! I’m trying to get like you lol!
    I’m on week 2 and a half of Jens bikini body workouts and im also seeing satisfying results 🙂 All the before and after pics on jens sites + your own results were very inspiring, so I decided to buy it immediately when I read this blog instead of putting it off until “tomorrow”

    Lets do this!!!

    • Hi Tasheka,

      Very glad to hear that you’re seeing good results as well! It’s great that you decided to dive in rather than waiting, I know that a lot of people make excuses but you can really never run out of them. The best thing I’ve found is to dive right in, like you did.

      Once you have great results – and I’m sure you will – come back and share them with us!

      Good luck,
      Kaylee xx

  3. I was JUST about to buy Vince Sant’s V Shred guides, but then I noticed how expensive they were. Definitely not for me. Thanks for the review, Kaylee.

    • No problem Bea! Just happy I could help other women make an informed decision. Let us know what workout you do end up going with, if any,


  4. Hi Kaylee,

    Thanks for writing so candidly about your experience. I’ve been reading a lot of mixed reviews about Vince Sant and his V Shred workouts and it looks like a lot of the people who have tried it end up not finishing, or looking for a refund. Sounds like a huge waste of money and time TBH.

    I’m going to go with Jen Ferruggia’s program instead like you suggested. One question though, how many days per week did you workout to achieve your results?

    Feeling excited 😀 😀

    • Hi there Henrietta,

      I workout four days per week, and try to get my workouts done as early as possible so I start my day off RIGHT lol. Sometimes I’ll spend the night before making a playlist to make sure I’m as a energetic as possible! And I do all my workouts at home FYI.

      Good luck!

  5. TY for the review Kaylee! I just purchased Jen Ferruggia’s guide and it seems really good from what I’ve glanced over. Got a question – do you think the upgrade to level 2 is worth it?

  6. Hi Kaylee!
    I just buyed the Jen Feruggia program and I’m very excited. My cousin is trying to lose weight as well, but she’s in Peru. Do you know if the program is available overseas?

    • Hi Alejandra,

      As far as I know Jen’s program is available worldwide because it’s a digital download, but I could be mistaken on this. Let me know how it goes for you and your cousin!

      Kaylee xx

  7. Hi Kaylee,
    I am so so glad I found this review! I ALMOST bought Vince’s program after seeing a lot of ads for it UNTIL I read this blog. TY TY TY!
    I’m starting Jen’s workout guide tomorrow. Your results are really inspiring. But I have 2 questions:

    1. Did you follow to eating plan she provides too, or create one yourself??
    2. Did you do the at home workouts or the gym version?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Rachel,

      No problem and thank you for reading. To answer your questions –

      1. Yes I followed it, but it not 100%. It’s honestly very flexible which is another major plus.
      2. I do all my workouts at home, though occasionally I’ll go to the gym to use a specific machine like the Stairmaster, or go for a run in the park. I try to be as frugal as i can though.

      The best tip I have for you is to stay strong and don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Sometimes the workouts can be tough, but just know that the “you” 6 months or a year from now will be THANKING YOU for sticking to it.

      Glad you liked my review!

      Kaylee xx


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