About Me

Hi!!! My name’s Kaylee and welcome to my blog.

I wanted to write a short introduction to anyone new to my blog can understand what it’s about.

I’m a busy mom who is new to blogging and Internet stuff in general, and I’m really not that technical, but I’m trying to figure it out. I’m basically treating this website like my own sort of personal diary, so that I can keep track of how my weight loss progress is going throughout the months and hopefully the years.

It’s not everyday you get to read someone else’s diary 🙂

My weight loss journey started with me nearly buying the Vince Sant workouts before did some research and decided I’d be better off not going down that path. You can read my Vince Sant review if you’re curious about why decided not to buy it, what program I ended up using as my alternative.

Otherwise, enjoy! Hopefully you can find something of interest to you if you’re like me – a busy mommy who’s trying to get her life and body back together.