Is Vshred A Scam?

ATTENTION: I’ve had quite a few of my readers coming to me and saying that they think V Shred might be a scam.

To be honest, I’m not sure if these are legit evaluations, but I think it might actually be people overreacting because they are upset by the program. I was also upset about it, though I talked about in my Vince Sant review why I ended up going with a different program entirely.

However, one of my readers linked me to one of those so called V shred websites and it turned out it was a scam – it was a fake website that claimed to be selling the Vince Sant program.

BEWARE those programs! Only go to the official V Shred workout program website if you’re going to order it. If something claims a massive discount like 80% off on it or something, you can know you shouldn’t trust it.

Vince Sant only sells his workouts directly from his website.

V Shred Free Download

I was also surprised when people asked me if I knew anyway to download V Shred for free. What on earth? Why would you risk it?

There’s so many ways for people to put malware to harm your computer or steal your identity on these illegal copies of V Shred. Why even risk it guys?

To me, this question comes from people who are legitimately interested in Vince Sant’s guides, but they also know they are entirely too expensive.


My suggestion is to try and be careful, and look for free alternatives or cheap alternative to V Shred. Any program that’s real is going to cost a little money, but it’s worth it. They’ll help you get your body together, just like I did it.

Be careful out there guys, and make sure you do your research before you trust any shady deals.

Read my full review of the Vince Sant V Shred Program here.

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