V Shred Diet – What is the Vince Sant Custom Meal Plan?

Heard a lot about the V Shred Diet and wondering what’s in it? I bought the program so you don’t have to – let me explain.

Hey – Kaylee here. I’ve detailed some of my experience with Vince Sant’s workout before, but if you haven’t seen, let’s just say that I’m… not the biggest fan.

I totally get it. Maybe you packed on some weight in quarantine, maybe you haven’t been able to be as active as you used to when you were in college because now you have a grown up job, a daily commute to and from work (if you aren’t lucky enough to work from home) and, maybe you’re just flat out not as motivated as you used to be. (I don’t know about you, but I used to be WAY more motivated to get the gym when I was surrounded by good looking people in my college town days. Easy to get motivated when you see your competition and your potential dates doing so as well…)

So then you start seeing all these ads on YouTube for a program called “V Shred” – a so-called custom workout AND meal plan, that’s supposed to conform to your body type. Wow!

But trust me, it ain’t all that. 😒

The V Shred Meal Plan – The Price

The first thing you’ll see when you head over to the V Shred website is the price, and uh, WHOA.

v shred custom diet for women

$149 for the diet plan?! I mean, sure, it’s bundled with some training, but wow. What about women who just want to fix up their diet, Vince? They have to spring for the full package?

(Oh, and by the way, as far as I can tell that “sale” on the diet has been up for over a year – so it’s really them just jacking up the prices and claiming it’s on a discount, same thing that clothing stores like Macy’s and JCPenny occasionally pull.)

There is no other cheaper option if you’re trying to get on a Vince Sant approved diet – you either get the custom diet and training plan for Her (women) or for Him (men).

For someone who claims to create workout programs for people based on their age, body type, and goals, we’re already starting off a little limited, aren’t we?

What IS the V Shred Diet?

Okay, so let’s say you’ve got money to blow and you’re not at all bothered by the expensive price tag on on the v shred diet plan (you do you!) What exactly are you getting?

To be honest… not much.

It’ll go over some of the basics that you want to avoid to cut down on belly fat, but it’s all stuff that’s pretty easy to find only in other places (and for more reasonable prices). Like for example, you’ll see recommendations for grilled chicken and veggies, or white fish..

Like I know that some girls like a diet plan that tells them everything they need, step-by-step, in order to lose some belly fat. That’s EXACTLY what I wanted when I first started looking into the v shred custom diet. But I was ultimately really disappointed in how thin the plan felt. I’m supposed to be the thin one here lol.

V Shred Meals

If you’re curious what the meals in the diet plan were like, I can tell you that it’s mostly recipes you can find easily on places like Reddit, Google, or even just picking up healthy cookbooks while you’re in line at the grocery store…

BUT, I guess the main reason to even consider trying out the v shred foods would be if you were interested in the carb cycling that Vince Sant often mentions. That was the main thing of note to me, but even that is easily researching, and more thoroughly covered in other places.

Here’s an example of how V Shred will ease you into their diets.

Pretty simple, right? Yup.

Worth paying $149.00 for? 😬

V Shred Diet Reviews

Now honestly, when I decided to talk about the meal plans and the diets included with V Shred, I didn’t mean to make an entire post just putting the program down. I know that Vince Sant gets a lot of hate as the V Shred Guy, and I’m sure he did put in an honest effort to help people.

I just really don’t think it’s worth the money. Sorry. There are plenty of other alternatives that I would recommend instead. I’ve talked before how the Bikini Body Workouts come with a meal plan as well, and it’s super cheap at just $29.99.

But I’m not the only one who was disappointed with the v shred meal plan.

This person was super disappointed with their copy of the meal plan, even though they managed to get it at nearly half price (honestly, I’m wondering how – I’ve looked into plenty of V Shred discounts myself and can rarely find any real ones besides the fake ones they use to make their jacked up prices look somewhat reasonable).

Think I jut cherry-picked that review? Here’s another –

In fact, you can go over to the V Shred LLC Complaint page at the Better Business Bureau and see just how many people had issues with the diet Vince Sant provided.

31 mentions!!!

Conclusion – Should You Get The V Shred Diet?

Look, everyone’s going to have different answers to this question. Vince does give some decent information at times. But for me? At that price? I have to say that absolutely not would I recommend anyone get it. Maybe if it was under $30 I could better justify it.

Hope this doesn’t come off as too harsh! If you want to read more about my own experience with the V Shred workout and diet plan, check out my full review (and the better alternative I found) here.

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